ODDS2ODDS Horse Racing System

ODDS2ODDS S/P Rating Horse Racing System

Unlike Other Horse Racing Systems Sold We Dont Just Talk Winning Bets. We Show Genuine Winning Bets Layed With An Online Bookmaker Using ODDS2ODDS. See Photos.

Winners = 100: Losers = 8

Total Bets 108: Total Stakes £22.20: Total Returns £128.23

Winning Strike Rate 93%

ODDS2ODDS Is A Fast And Easy To Use Program. The System Rates A Horse's S/P From Any Betting Forecast Using Its Built In Algorithms.

It Can Be Used For Any UK & Irish Racecourse And Both Flat Or NH Races Handicap Or Non Handicap.

Any Newspaper With A Horse Racing Section Showing A Race Betting Forecast Can Be Used.

This program is supplied on a CD ROM Only.

Please Note there is no download or email option.

The program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.